How TO Install TWRP Recovery and Root Xiaomi Redmi 5A

How TO Install TWRP Recovery and Root Xiaomi Redmi 5A

How TO Install TWRP Recovery and Root Xiaomi Redmi 5A

In the budget flagship market Xiaomi Redmi is the king of all smartphones. There are many budget smartphones making hullabaloo in the smartphone arena. This smartphone has been making buzz in the market of China and India. Now we are offering How to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Xiaomi Redmi 5A.

Actually China and India have become the centre for Xiaomi Redmi. Xiaomo started the Redmi series as it’s brand. Redmi 4 broke the sale records. And moreover Redmi Note4 touched the top of records in the sale.

Earlier Redmi 4A was the flagship of the market. Redmi 5A is the successor of Redmi 4A. Redmi 5A has become every one’s cup of tea. It’s being sold as hot cake now a days.

It’s news that Redmi 5A has sold about a million units a month after it’s launch.Being the owners of the Redmi 5A and you have decided to install TWRP and root the Redmi 5A, here’s tutorial for you.

How TO Install TWRP Recovery and Root Xiaomi Redmi 5A





Redmi 5A Features

The above mentioned smartphone Redmi 5A has a 5-inch 720 display. Redmi 5A has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 Processor with Adreno 308 underneath. This smartphone has a 3000mAh battery. It is empowered with 2GB and 3GB Varients.

Both the varients of Redmi 5A have a 13MP rear camera. It has a 5MP front camera also.

I hope in this modern era people think themselves frequent modder add to this the availability of official TWRP 3.2.1 for their device. In every tutorial we add many things to create. I want few things to let you know, although you may have read or heard this a million times already.

Warning and Care

Rooting an Android device and/or installing the custom images and other mods or pieces of software will void your warranty. You may lose the warranty of your smartphone given by the company.

Furthermore if you are trusting tools and software updates.  Therefore here are third-party sources who mostly won’t take any responsibility. Rooting Android is complex and it has so many devices and different variants. It is very hard to promise something will work on every device.

As for as these third-party developers are concerned , they work for free after all. The android users must understand the risks and take responsibility of their own. In case something unexpected things happens. Although quite unlikely, you may even end up bricking your device. AndroidJunctions can’t be held responsible if anything goes wrong. You must understand the riek factor. You ought to follow all the guides very carefully.


  • Of course Xiaomi Redmi 5A with an unlocked bootloader.
  • At least 50% charge left.
  • You must Install ADB and Fastboot on your PC.
  • Windows users should install Xiaomi USB drivers.
  • You must Enable USB debugging on your device.



Install TWRP on Xiaomi Redmi 5A

  1. You Download the TWRP image from the link provided above. Rename the downloaded file to img. Transfer the file to your adb installation folder.  Rename and move the file into the adb folder are that optional but recommended.
  2. Connect your device to the PC. Now launch the adb command interface. On Windows, you can do this by going to the adb folder and enter cmdin the address bar. On Linux and Mac systems, simply launch a Terminal window.
  3. If you’re using ADB first time with your phone, you will asked to grant USB debugging permissions on your phone’s screen. If not, use the following command to make it appear. This command is used to check the devices connected to adb
  4.     adb devices








  1.       Boot your device into fastboot mode with the following command.
  2.      Once in fastboot mode, flash the TWRP image using this command.

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

If you haven’t renamed the file to twrp.img, use the original filename, and if you haven’t moved the image file inside the adb folder, add the full path to the twrp file before the name. For instance, if the file is on your desktop, the command you should use will be:

fastboot flash recovery C:\Users\username\Desktop\twrp-3.2.1-0-riva.img

  1. Reboot your Redmi 5A using this command.

fastboot reboot

Root Xiaomi Redmi 5A

  1. First of all Connect your device to the PC and use the adb command given below to boot it into the newly installed TWRP recovery.

adb reboot recovery

  1. Once after the TWRP recovery, it’s wise to first take a full NANDroid backup of your device. Just in case you may want to revert your device back to a working state. To do this, go to Backupand select all the partitions. Swipe at the bottom to begin the backup process.
  2. Now download and transfer the Magisk and zipfiles to your Redmi 5A.
  3. Go back to the TWRP main menu once the backup is complete and select Install.
  4. Browse the file and select the Magisk zip, then swipe at the bottom to install it.
  5. Similarly, install the ‘noverity-zip’ and then tap on Reboot systembutton that appears at the bottom.

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