How to Stay Updated with 3Ps

How to Stay Updated with 3Ps

How to Stay Updated with 3Ps


Mobile application  plays an important role in making the user the most updated or up to the new trend.How to Stay Updated with 3Ps is the best way to keep yourself updated. shopkeepers to businessman, fruit vendors to fashion bloggers, politicians to policemen, game addicts to sports fanatic, everyone wants to carry a smartphone which consists of their favorite and ever refreshing mobile apps to boost their day up. They open the apps and lost in the app world.

How to Stay Updated with 3Ps

Business or Enterprise, Professional or Personal, any type of mobile application requires attention in the most generalized and generic way. It has been a new sensation of the decade and people are not halting at any moment. Smartphone apps are downloaded abundantly every day and needless to say, half of them are getting uninstalled because of dozens of various reasons.

While talking about the sensations and marvelous features of the apps, it is equally important to discuss the irregular factors or the unnecessary elements of the apps that results in the trash. Out of all the vital aspects, we will talk about the personalization of the mobile application. In a specific sense, it is what the mobile app is and how it behaves.

It shouldn’t robotic. It should be more human. The application is a technological outcome and it’s improbable to make it human. Therefore, we will discuss the possible things to be considered to personalize your mobile app and let it be in your smartphone forever.

How to Stay Updated with 3Ps

How to Stay Updated with 3Ps

Make It Predictable

If the menu of the application and its options are not predictable, we consider it as our toughest opponent and it’s the automation. It should be more acceptable and understandable. More the easy and user friendly features of the apps, more is the traction from the customers.

It is totally dependent on the developers who from the scratch goes into the characteristics and creativity of the game or the applications developed. Also, it is one of the major responsibilities of the respective mobile app development agency who is dealing with the concerned client to let know the same because predictable is easy but it may become boring. In short, it is advantageous for a longer time frame.

Make it Placid

The more the merrier. It may not hold true with the UI and UX of the app as the more features might make it bulky and sulky. If it’s plain and simple i.e. Placid, it will raise the attention of the users who are diving into the completely new product and service. The more human nature of it will hold the users’ brains. It’s the variety of practical test uses the company has to make for the success.

Make it Perfect

Human beings are not perfect but they like to see and be it. Similarly, if the application is without any bugs, the users will be lured to utilize it more often. The coding needs to be topnotch and tantalizing enough to overcome the human mind barrier to think divergently. This is one of the underestimated factors of the personalization of the mobile application.

The above 3 Ps of the formula makes it crystal clear about the intuition of the distinguished aspect of human and robot. The tangible and rational reasons will win eventually.

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