Moto X4 (6GB) Review Latest Premium Smartphone

Moto X4 (6GB) Review Latest Premium Smartphone

Moto X4 (6GB) Review Latest Premium Smartphone

Motorola has been producing smartphones and they stand in bulk in demanding in market.  Smartphones have long been seen as dependable workhorses. Motorola has had quite a few successes in recent years, with its G series dominating the budget segment while its Z series has been popular in the mid-range and high-end markets. Last year, the company revived its X series with the new  latest moto version Moto X4 (6GB) Review Latest Premium Smartphone slotting in between the G and Z series. We have added other affordable smartphones and new launches in the market.

Moto X4 (6GB) Review Latest Premium Smartphone

Design and Build Quality

The new Moto X4 (6GB) Review Latest Premium Smartphone might lack the more fashionable 18:9 style of display that other companies are adopting, but that’s okay. The phone still looks and feels every bit as premium as any of today’s premium offerings. It should fit snugly in most palms too, which makes one-handed use easy. The metal frame is thick enough to offer good grip, and the slightly rounded back helps with aesthetics. However, the glass back is big fingerprint magnet and has the tendency to slide off surfaces if you’re not careful.

Moto X4 (6GB) Review Latest Premium Smartphone

The layout is the same as the other variants of the phone, so you have a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphones socket on the bottom; a hybrid dual-SIM tray on the top, and all the buttons on the right. The capacitive fingerprint sensor works well for unlocking the phone, and we like the fact that it can also be used for UI navigation.

The longevity of the finish on the camera bump is a bit of concern, but we didn't have any issues with scuffing on this phone during our review period - the same as with the 4GB version. The 5.2-inch display is decently large and you get a full-HD resolution as well as Gorilla Glass for protection. However, the default ‘Vibrant’ display setting causes colours to look oversaturated. Switching to ‘Standard’ made everything look much better to us. The IPS panel ensures very good viewing angles, and we didn’t have any issue with the brightness level. The 6GB version ships with the same bundle as the others, which includes a charger, a USB cable, a headset, a SIM eject tool, and instruction leaflets.

Moto X4 (6GB) Review Latest Premium Smartphone specifications and software

The new Moto X4 has only one change in its specifications sheet, and that’s the 6GB of RAM. It still uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 mobile platform and has 64GB of storage. The latter is something we wish had been upgraded along with the RAM. If you look at the lineup of Moto X4 variants, the lowest end one has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, followed by the next one with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, with a price difference of Rs. 2,000 between the two. Naturally, with the newest variant being priced at Rs. 24,999 (Rs. 2,000 more than the 4GB version), we would have liked to have seen 128GB of storage to go with the 6GB of RAM.

Software is the only other area in which the new model differs a bit. The 6GB version of the Moto X4 has Android 8 Oreo out-of-the-box, whereas the older variants shipped with Android 7 Nougat. However, users have reported that Oreo updates have started rolling out to non-6GB versions of the phone, so if you’ve already pulled the trigger on the older models, you won't be missing out on anything for long.

Moto X4 (6GB) performance, cameras and battery life

General performance is very good, and the phone easily ran pretty much every app we threw at it. Heat is kept well under control as the body barely gets hot during use, even when gaming. With camera usage, the upper portion of the frame gets noticeably warm, but not so much that it caused any slowdowns in the app or UI. The earpiece doubles up as the loudspeaker, and gets fairly loud for media and alerts. The Moto X4 is also IP68 certified, which means it can survive dust exposure and being dunked in water for brief periods. Media performance is very good, and this phone can handle 4K video playback. The bundled headphones are pretty decent and offer good ambient noise isolation.

The primary 12-megapixel sensor has decently quick autofocus during the day but at night, the speed dips quite a bit. There's also a bit of noise in low-light shots. The camera also still has trouble getting the exposure right under bright light, often overexposing scenes a bit.

The wide-angle sensor is handy for getting a wider frame and works well for landscapes, but not so much for macros. Auto HDR kicks in at the right time but it takes longer to process shots, so if you move a bit or your subject does, the end result is often blurry. The spot colour, face filters, and professional shooting modes work well, but the bokeh mode is still a bit hit-or-miss. The trouble is mostly to do with edge detection, which isn’t very accurate, especially on human subjects. The front camera does a good job with selfies in daylight, and we have an LED flash to help with low-light situations.

Moto X4 (6GB) Review Latest Premium Smartphone has video recording benefits from electronic stabilisation but only when shooting at 1080p 30fps or lower. During the day, video is stabilised decently well but in low light, the video ends up looking jittery. 4K video recording is also supported, just like with the other Moto X4 variants. Colours turn out a bit oversaturated when compared to shooting at other resolutions. We also noticed a bit of focus hunting when shooting at 1080p 60fps. The Smart Camera feature attempts to recognise objects and landmarks. It did a decent job with objects in our experience (although it’s a slow process) but not so much with landmarks. The camera app still doesn’t have the beta features such as Selective Black & White and Background Replacement, which are advertised on Motorola’s website.

Battery life was a bit better with this variant of the Moto X4 than with the previous one. This is most likely due the updated OS than anything else. With regular use, we had no trouble pushing past a full day on a single charge. Motorola’s TurboPower quick charging feature works superbly, and you may get to 94 percent from zero in just a little over an hour.


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